Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Obama's Kids Use Safer Marijuana

Obama's kids make the safer choice to use marijuana instead of alcohol.
 Well at least one of them did.

A lot of people may look at this as some sort of sign that Malia is a bad person, or Obama is a bad parent for apparently setting an example in a way that led to this.

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I think Obama is a good parent. He must have lived his life in a way that allowed his daughter to see that marijuana isn't that bad, if there is a rule against something and the rule makers say it is "bad" but it is not bad, that makes it okay to ignore the rule.

Marijuana is safer than alcohol. I imagine a lot of people who read blogs here already know that.

I remember a while back I posted a photo of myself mailing an envelope in which one could find a t-shirt with the words "marijuana is safer than alcohol". This envelope was mailed to Malia Obama in the white house. I imagine she gets a truckload of mail everyday. I imagine it is all pre-examined before she is allowed to interact with it. But I like to think that she received the t-shirt that I sent her. I applaud Mr. Obama for raising a daughter who uses marijuana.

Here is a picture of Malia smoking marijuana.

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