Monday, September 22, 2014

Maureen Dowd Lies About Cannabis Infused Food

I just saw this article on Reason called Getting High With Willie Nelson Does Not Clarify Maureen Dowd's Understanding of Colorado's Marijuana Regulations

Maureen Dowd claims that she had an 8 hour long bad experience after consuming cannabis infused food in Colorado.

The Reason Article points out that in order to have a bad experience Maureen would have had to ignore warnings that Colorado requires on the label.

Marijuana is safer than alcohol, and fake news stories.

Maureen may even be lying in her news articles in exchange for money from various anti-pot groups that could be benefiting from fascism or partnerships where for profit entities benefit from excessive rules and regulations imposed by government agencies (Private Prisons, kids for cash, corrupt judges, insider trading etc.)

I hope people realize that marijuana in food does not cause the problems these scare mongers are trying to highlight.

Be sure to tell your friends that consuming a massive amount of cannabis infused food can cause pretty intense feelings, you will eventually fall asleep, and when you wake up you may still be a little tired.

Marijuana is safer.

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