Thursday, November 27, 2014


Mondo Granola Bars

I love Mondo Granola Bars. They come medicated with just the right amount of THC from Blue Dream and other wonderful strains.

I'm in the process of getting an ad on using Google Adsense, but I'm having some difficulties right now.

Here is the animated gif I was trying to use for the ad

I might need to change it to get around certain filters or something.

We'll see.

I've also figured out ways to put ads in the middle of stories now, so there are ad impressions when people read the article on their mobile device.

This should lead to increased revenue which will allow me to make more supplies and mail them out to low-income activists around the world.

Thank you to everyone who has helped with Safer Shirts over the years.

There are many exciting things to look forward to in the Safer Future.

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Cannabis Cures Mesothelioma

I was just reading over on that Andy Ashcraft was about to die from Mesothelioma.

His wife was told that they should look into palliative care and a hospice house (terminally ill assisted-end-of-life facility).

After an experimental drug stopped working, the article says,
"He was struggling to breath and deteriorating steadily. They had just drained more than three gallons of fluid from around his lungs and inside his abdomen."

This was the point at which his wife started researching cannabis and started Mr. Ashcraft on a full extract cannabis oil treatment regimen.

Ruth Ashcraft ignored the doctors who told her her husband was going to die and started giving him full extract cannabis oil

Here is a quote from Her that I found on
"The man is healthy today, and there is no other explanation for that,"
 She continued
"Beyond a shadow of doubt, this cannabis oil has worked wonders for him. I'd recommend it for anyone with cancer. I'm not saying it will work every time on everyone, but it's working for us."

I read further in the article and found this:

"He is no longer taking other drugs, having stopped chemotherapy last summer to undergo bilateral hernia surgery. He also ceased taking his cholesterol, diabetes and blood-pressure medicines. His latest CT scan in October showed no tumor growth. He expects the same at his December checkup."

 I hear stories like this all the time. It is nice to see them documented on the internet, especially on a website like

The article explained how to make full extract cannabis oil and explained a lot about how cannabis oil works on cancer that I hadn't even really thought about before.

Thank you to the Ashcraft Family and for trying this treatment, proving it works, and telling the world!

Saturday, November 22, 2014

Dablife Mike on Instagram

Dablife Mike on Instagram recently got 1,000's of likes for a picture of a Safer Shirt.

This shirt was made by Doc O'zee, and Hugh Jardon.

Thank you to Doc, Hugh, and Mike!

The picture was shared from Instagram to Tumblr, and a lot of people liked and shared.

You can see right here:

A photo posted by Dablife Mike (@dablifemike) on

A photo posted by Dablife Mike (@dablifemike) on

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Goldendale Mayor "Marijuana license is like a regular license"

The city council in Goldendale, Washington is upset because when the mayor received a notification that someone in his town was becoming a licensed recreational marijuana business, he didn't share that information with the city council. 

I like the Mayors reasoning you can see here from an article on

"He said because it was just another regular license request, like a liquor license"

Marijuana is regular, it has always been regular, it is just official now. 

I'm glad the mayor treated it like it was regular, I think the city council needs to chill out. 

There are some concerns over the fact that it is illegal on a federal level. Well, that doesn't matter. When voters in your state say they want to take a stand and do something different, the officials need to step up and fight to keep our state the way the voters want it, or find another state to live in.

Washington wants it legal Goldendale City Council, voters in your community will see that having a safer option available increases the peace in your town. 

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Ed Murray Seattle Marijuana Nov 19, 2014

Sarah Aitchison from the Puget Sound Business Journal recently reported that Mayor Ed Murray plans to have a meeting regarding regulating marijuana in Seattle. 

The symposium will take place from 5 to 7:45 p.m. on Thursday, Nov. 20, at the 
Bertha Knight Landes Room in City Hall

The article says:

"Murray is hoping to submit an ordinance to the City Council for review before the end of the year, said Jason Kelly, press secretary for the mayor's office."

The event was described as an opportunity for community members to ask experts questions regarding the new rules and relay their concerns.

Jason Kelly, Press Secretary for the Mayor's office, expects a cross-section of people to attend the event, including patient groups, and dispensary and neighborhood representatives.

Saturday, November 15, 2014

CPS Taking Kids in Bellingham for marijuana

A Good friend of ours is having their kid taken away in Bellingham. CPS noticed marijuana in their house and have decided that the kids are in danger because "medical marijuana is illegal".

Here is some more information from Serra Frank on Facebook:

Bellingham, WA
Child Protective Services (CPS) is at it again in Washington State over Medical Marijuana.
This time it's Bellingham over a beautiful 5 year old red-headed boy named Jerry.
Jerry's parents, Vicca & Jesse Thompson, are founding members of Ferntucky Medical, a patient cooperative that is also used to grow medicine.
This department of CPS, through social worker Gale Gannon, has said that "Medical Marijuana is Illegal and their child is in immediate danger." And has even ordered then to shut down their cooperative or risk losing their son for good.
CPS follows federal law and wrongfully believes that Medical Marijuana parents are dangerous to their children, and that Jerry being around parents who have a dispensary and grow medicine is child neglect.
They have scheduled a Family Team Meeting for Friday Morning to discuss Jerry's "safety" and are using intimidation through threat of police presence to force these parents into giving up their rights to their child, and their right to NOT be questioned without an attorney present.
All because of Marijuana, which is legal TWICE OVER in Washington State.
Please join The Fight for Lilly Foundation,, along with members of Moms for Marijuana International, and The Human Solution International, in support of Jerry, Vicca & Jesse, as we attend this Family Team Meeting with them.
We will be at the Bellingham CPS Office at 1720 Ellis St., Bellingham, WA 98225 at 8:30am, Friday Morning - November 14, 2014.
Just ask to be part of the Team Meeting for Jerry, Vicca & Jesse Thompson or ask to speak with social worker Gale Gannon.
Afterwards we will be making sure CPS really remembers us by decorating the public sidewalks outside their office with pretty colorful chalk messages about CPS corruption.
If you are in the Bellingham area, or willing to travel, please join us!!
Please view our event page here -