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Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Musician at a bar

A guy talking to me at Seattle Hempfest about his safer shirt told me that he does what he can to spread the message. He wears the shirt at any gig that will let him, and he consumes cannabis too.

One venue owner came up with a rule that any musician who smells like they smoked cannabis recently will not be allowed to play there. 

The safer musician did not like this at all. Almost every member of the band went to smoke, and came back smelling like it. 

The venue owner told one of his workers to tell one particularly smokey band mate that he would have to leave. When this band mate left, the safer musician couldn't stop himself. 

He walked out of there too. They worked with other venues in the area and have increased attendance at other bars that actually tolerate smokey musicians. 

Another great story from another great safer shirt wearing person. 

I wish I could do a better job of writing them out, luckily Blogspot posts can be edited, so later when I evolve into a good writer and can come back and make changes. 

The Casino

I had a guy come up to me at Seattle Hempfest and tell me that he tried to wear his safer shirt to the casino.

The casino security talked to him and told him he would need to leave, change his shirt, wear a courtesy shirt from the casino to cover it up, or wear his shirt inside out.

The reason they asked him not to wear his "marijuana is safer than alcohol" t-shirt in the casino was because some of the customers "find it offensive".

The guy who was asked to cover his safer shirt was not happy. He told me that he started telling the security guard off. He told the security guard that he is a patient, how it helps him, how marijuana actually is safer, how people get arrested for marijuana charges and die while in jail due to inadequate care.

I was so happy to hear this story from a person who received a safer shirt.

This is what it is all about. Confronting misconceptions head on. These misconceptions shape public policy, and public policy that punishes cannabis consumers is wrong.

Friday, August 8, 2014

Boutin Talking About Safer Shirts Aug 8, 2014

I saw Mike Boutin talking about +Safer Shirts on Facebook and looked at the comments. There were a whole bunch of safer people making comments underneath. It made me very happy to see comments from people with shirts, talking about the way people react when they wear their shirts in public.

I will use Facebook's embed feature to put the Status Update and comments here so everyone can see.

Thank you Mike Boutin and all the people who commented under Mike's status update! I'm so happy to know that people are wearing their shirts and starting conversations!

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Safer Shirts and Police

I started a new album on the safer shirts facebook page called "Safer Shirts and Police". A friend asked Doc to make a "safer than police" stencil with his Robot Stencil cutting machine. His name on Facebook is Hugh Jardon. He did a great job painting the shirt with a stencil. I'm also putting pictures of people standing near police while wearing their safer shirts.

I've heard a lot of awesome stories about how cannabis can help people over the past couple of months. So many I can't even remember them all. One person recently told me that they used marijuana to quit Heroin.
It just reminds me of the stencil I made that says "cannabis cures addiction" I mailed it to someone in the cannabis community who was kind of afraid to wear it because it is such a controversial statement.

I've been having fun working at Choice Wellness Center and Patient Cannabis Exchange. I'm very grateful for Cat JeterChuck Green and Troy Stephens for donating to allow me to make t-shirts and give them away for free. Without the cannabis community I would be in real trouble right now. I recently lost my job as an occupational safety and health professional at an airplane factory and I've had people from the cannabis community come up to help me find a place to live and a place to work. This is a great community and I'm learning that the positivity you put out into the world does eventually come back.

Let me know if you have any pictures that would be appropriate for the Safer Shirts and Police album.

Here it is!

Monday, June 30, 2014

Malaysia Conversation

I made a facebook post about mailing a safer shirt to Malaysia, there was an interesting conversation underneath about Malaysia's extremely strict anti-marijuana policies. People can get the death penalty for marijuana in Malaysia. I hope having safer shirts in Malaysia helps to change the attitude and eventually the public policy regarding marijuana growing/possessing/consuming.

I just mailed a safer shirt to Malaysia.
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