Thursday, October 23, 2014

Malliekb on Instagram

Malliekb on Instagram took a picture of herself wearing a safer shirt and it has received 99 likes.

I was wondering if posting it on would help it get one more like and get it to 100.

Thank to everyone who wears safer shirts, makes safer shirts, and uploads photos of +Safer Shirts

A photo posted by Jared Allaway (@safershirts) on

Saturday, October 18, 2014

Cannabis Cheri is awesome

Cannabis Cheri has been a big supporter of Safer Shirts for a while now.

She also works with NORML, The Human Solution and many other organizations.

She does amazing work organizing and attending protests/rallies/court support/etc.

She works with prisoners who have been arrested for marijuana and raises awareness regarding these folks their situation, their court dates, how to donate to their books while they are in jail, etc.

UPDATE: Cheri asked me to include a link to an online petition to release marijuana prisoners. Here it is.

She also makes great tie dye shirts! She has tons of amazing recipes for cannabis infused foods!

Here are some photos and some links to help you get better acquainted with this fantastic activist.

Friday, October 17, 2014

Safer Arizona Marijuana is safer with politicians

It looks like Dave Wisniewski is doing more work in Safer Arizona, he got a shirt to someone named
Wise Eagle, Wise Eagle went to the place where politicians hang out and got a photo.

Thank you Dave and Wise Eagle!

Thursday, October 16, 2014

County Utility won't let marijuana grower have water Washington state

Here is a piece from the article on The Daily News Online 
Milton said he’s followed every regulation and had an independent engineer approve the water main he built to service his property, but the county still found fault with the construction and has gone to court for a restraining order and an injunction to keep his pipes off the city’s.
“I’m at a loss for what I can do to be in compliance,” he said Wednesday.

Monday, October 13, 2014

Miss MaryJaneCo 1,066 Likes

Miss MaryJaneCo recently got over a thousand likes for a safer shirt pic!

Thank you Miss MaryJaneCo for taking a pic of yourself in your safer shirt and uploading it to Instagram! :)

Everyone should go over to right now and check out the awesome pics!

True. ����✏️ #MarijuanaIsMedicine #MissMaryJaneCo

Thanks Again!

Safer Arizona 2016 planning

Safer Arizona is getting ready to push for cannabis legalization in Arizona in 2016.

Check out this post from their Facebook Page:

The Marijuana Policy Project is the organization that legalized our medical marijuana in 2010. They are responsible for the 25 mile law that everyone hates. Now they are in town ready to kick start a 2016 recreational cannabis initiative.

They have invited the citizens to come to the table and be a part of the drafting of the 2016 initiative on October 25th but they are charging $1000 per table at the event. Safer Arizona intends on being there to represent the people of Arizona and ensure we get our rights included in the initiative.
We have $750 of the $1000 we need and time is running out.

The meeting is October 25th We will be sending Dennis Bohlke, Robert Safer Clark, Dave Wisniewski, Mikel Weisser, and Tom Dean. We cannot have a seat with out the $1000. It sucks we know but we need your help.
Please help send Safer Arizona to Represent the Arizona cannabis community at the Marijuana Policy Project Meeting to discuss the 2016 cannabis legalization initiative.

We know the rights Arizona deserves to include grow rights, gun owners rights, parental rights, state benefits rights, video proof of impairment for a DUI, and more protections that we feel we need. We have to legalize cannabis in Arizona right.

Please Please make a campaign contribution @ today.

Saturday, October 11, 2014

Safer Dave and Ray big sign and police Arizona

Recently Dave Wisniewski from Safer Arizona was holding a giant sign on a busy street corner to educate people on the injustices associated with cannabis prohibition.

Ray Chubb from Safer Arizona was there to film and it has been uploaded to Youtube.

Take a look at the sign holding event, the police approaching to talk to the activists, and enjoy!