Friday, January 23, 2015

KC Kush got a Safer Shirt to Dub FX

I was on twitter recently when I noticed an awesome Safer Stenciler had made a shirt and got it delivered to Dub FX.

Here is the picture.

I really appreciate all of the Work KC Kush has done in California with Safer Stencils.

She has painted tons of shirts and she gets out to spread the word all the time, standing in high traffic areas and taking photos.

Thank you KC Kush! :)

Thursday, January 22, 2015

Georgia Lawmakers Defy pro-cannabis constituents

Bill Torpy over at Atlanta Journal-Constitution  writes:

The issue of medical marijuana is again at the Legislature, and even though 84 percent of Georgians support legalizing a pot-based medication, the bill was immediately watered down.

In this article here

Torpy says that Polling even suggests that Georgians support full legalization with 49% in support and 48% against.

Bill Torpy even pointed to a retired Prosecutor who is now speaking out about the damage that has been done, and admitting he feels bad for contributing to it:

But the debate, says former prosecutor J. Tom Morgan, misses a larger point — marijuana laws have criminalized hundreds of thousands of Georgians through the decades, tagging them with arrest records that often return years later to damage otherwise stellar citizens.

I'm glad to hear that citizens of Georgia support smarter marijuana laws. It is sad that the legislators are watering down recent attempts to remove penalties for folks who grow and provide cannabis to patients who need it.

Thank you Bill Torpy for writing this article

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Australian Dad arrested for being safer

As you can see in this article over at
this dad was arrested in Australia for giving cannabis to his daughter who had cancer.

This is from

AUSTRALIA - An Australian dad was arrested January 2nd for administering medical cannabis to his 2-year-old daughter who has been diagnosed with cancer.

Monday, January 19, 2015

Lacey WA City Medical Marijuana Regulations

Three medical marijuana shops in Lacey, WA have had different results with efforts to comply with city regulations. As described in this article in The Bellingham Herald.

Northwest Collective said they would stand their ground.

This is good, I've known the people at Northwest Collective for a long time. Joe McConkey and the other folks at Northwest Collective have been very helpful with Safer Shirts and as you can see, The picture used for this article had a Safer Shirt right behind Joe.

The city attorney said the reason why some of the other collectives recently closed down has nothing to do with letters that were sent out a couple months ago.

Article in the Bellingham Herald

In September the city sent letters out asking them to comply with the “specific guidelines of a ‘collective’ as defined in Lacey municipal code.”

Some of the problems include Collectives are located too close to schools.

Some of the collective owners have asked for extensions so they have more time to get into compliance.

Read more here:

Friday, January 16, 2015

Safer Dave Legalizes Arizona with viral video ad money

A friend of mine who has lived in Washington and Arizona is currently working to legalize marijuana in Arizona.

His name is Dave Wisniewski.

He is using the Safer Message to help.

I approve of his message.

Recently a video he uploaded to YouTube has gone viral, and the ad-money has been pledged toward legalization efforts in Arizona.

His video is so famous, even Bam Margera is talking about it.

Here you can see the video on

Thank you for taking a look at

Monday, January 12, 2015

Haney, Corva, and Holcomb Marijuana Washington

I saw Dominic Corva made some comments about an article with Alison Holcomb in it.

Jedediah Haney from Yakima re-shared Dominic's Comments and started a healthy discussion.

You can see perspectives and arguments from a lot of different sides in this thread.

I encourage everyone to read it and learn about Washington marijuana.

Also learn how to engage in a conversation without being a dick.

Here is a little taste

From Alison Holcomb

Alison Holcomb As for answering the question, "How can you think legal canabis is ready to take over from medical access points right now," Dominic, I need some clarification -- are you genuinely worried that bona fide patients won't have affordable access to cannabis, or do you think it's important we let "medical access points" continue selling to people who don't meet the intended meaning of "qualifying patient" until prices come down?

To this I would reply we already know how much marijuana is supposed to cost. The taxes connected to 502 marijuana are based on greed. Government employees want to get paid a lot of money to do nothing, this is why there is such a high tax.

The idea that a low-income elderly person would switch from paying $8 per gram to $40 per gram is insane, and only an evil person would make such a proposal.

Dominic Corva is Managing Director and Founder at the Center for the Study of Cannabis and Social Policy

Jedidiah Haney is President at Cause M

Alison Holcomb is from ACLU Washington and New Approach Washington also known as 502

Saturday, January 10, 2015

Liquor Control Board Transparency Washington state

My friend Gina Garcia recently brought this to my attention through a Washington medical cannabis facebook group.

"Uni Con

Today I stopped by WSLCB, and it was very enjoyable, and sort of amazing. I must first say kudos to Arthur because he clearly got under their skin and they seemed quite raw with me referring to his recent litigation. I went in asking about where they would be publishing future public meeting notices for organized law enforcement meetings and for AWC meetings (see, John, I do read the documents you post ). And, the receptionist didn’t know what I was talking about, so she found someone else who vaguely knew what I was talk about. 

Soon, I had four people sitting in the lobbying: the public records chief, head of the cannabis project, some lawyer, and someone else. And the cannabis chief and lawyer asked me what I wanted and I told them I was searching for their new public meetings practices in these specific cases. And they gave me a primer on the Public Records Act. And I told them I understood all of that and I was interested to know where they would post meetings with HWC and AWC specifically. And they tried to change to subject a little, and I brought them back to that. And they told me they weren’t necessarily required to. And I referred to Arthur’s recent case, which I had read. And all they would answer was “That has been resolved.” And I said, “I am asking about the future, what your future practices will be.”

 The public records guy kept asking me questions, like he was trying to identify me, and he would occasionally run back to his office and then come back and ask me other identifying questions, so it was very obvious. So, the head guy and attorney guy were trying to obfuscate and change the discussion to avoid answering about their future reporting practices. 

Finally, I asked, so you disagree with Judge Schaller’s ruling. And the head guys face turned bright red with anger, and he repeated “That issue has been resolved.” And I said, “Has it ? I thought there was going to be a mens rea hearing. Has that already happened ?” 

I was being calm and polite the whole time. Then I calmly said, “Excuse me. It seems like you are giving me defensive, evasive answers and I can’t figure out why you would do that if you are conforming to the law.” And the attorney guy said, “You are trying to get me to say what you want to say. You are trying to trap me.” Which seemed sort of weird and dramatic. So I responded, “I can’t make you say anything. I am just trying to get an idea whether you will be changing your practices in the future, or whether you intend to continue carrying on in the same way. But you have told me exactly what I wanted to know, so thank you so much for your time.” And they just stared at me. So I held out my hand to shake theirs and I left. My takeaway is that they intend to continue down the same road, hoping they wont be caught and that Arthur hit them where it hurt. And watching their heads nearly pop off was really enjoyable for me."