Monday, October 27, 2014

Ecstaceuh on Twitter

Thank you to Ecstaceuh on Twitter for taking pictures in your safer shirt and uploading them.

Check out Ecstaceuh's Twitter Here.

Safer Stenciler Neomi Garza

Neomi Garza received some stencils in the mail from our Good Friend Doc O'Zee over at Safer Stencils.

Doc has been doing a great job making stencils and mailing them out to people.

He has mailed a ton of stuff for free and is now asking a tiny amount of money for a stencil.

Please check out his website and order a stencil so you can start making Safer Shirts like Neomi! :)

Doc's Safer Stencil Website Here:

Neomi Garza's Stenciling work here:

Buy a stencil from Doc O'zee! Start Stenciling Safer Shirts Now!

Thanks Neomi!

Safer Than No-Knock Raids

A man in Belton Texas recently tried to defend himself by shooting at some men who were climbing through a window into his house.

It turns out the men who were climbing in were police.

Apparently they received a tip that there was drug activity and the cops decided to sneak into his house to see if there was any drug activity there. They did not find any drug activity there.

As one would expect, the owner of the house shot at the people who were sneaking in.

The person who was trying to defend himself from intruders is being charged with murder of a police officer and attempted murder of the other police officers he shot at as they were trying to sneak into his house.

So it turns out it is illegal to shoot at people who are sneaking into your house if the people sneaking into your house are police officers using bullshit tips from bullshit tipsters to justify their intrusion, and invasion of privacy.

Just because drugs exist doesn't mean we get to throw due process out the window.

The problems created by prohibition are way worse than any problems prohibition claims it intended to resolve. 

The decay of our right to privacy in this country is something that should not be tolerated.

The report on the Killeen Daily Herald almost makes it seem like the guy shooting the intruders is a cop killer. The news agency really needs to present the facts in a more non-biased manner.

Tell the Killeen Daily Herald what you think about this complete travesty of justice and the way they presented the story in a completely unfair way.

Thank you

Saturday, October 25, 2014

Seattle MMJ Letter and Tips

City of Seattle Department of Planning and Finance sent a letter recently to Seattle MMJ shops.

King 5 reports:

The city of Seattle is warning more than 300 medical marijuana businesses that their days could be numbered.

 The letters ask shops to acquire a license soon, but as King 5 reports:

The problem is that the Legislature hasn't yet created a licensing system to allow sales of medical marijuana.

Click here to see the full letter that was sent to all of the Seattle Dispensaries.

This is a horrible situation. Many people depend on these safe access points. The fact that Seattle is asking them to acquire a license that doesn't exist is evil.

502 forgot homegrow and sharing, two things that people depend on.

If you think asking medical marijuana patients to get their marijuana through the "legal marijuana system", then the "legal marijuana system" needs to include (a lot of things and) two of the most important components of the medical marijuana system
1. Homegrow
2. Sharing

If you want to grow under Washington State's "legal marijuana system" you have to buy a $1000 license-lottery-ticket and hope you win.

Under Washington's medical marijuana system, if you have a qualifying condition you can grow your own medicine, you can designate a friend or family member to grow medicine for you. You can share the cost of supplies and labor. You can share medicine with other patients with qualifying conditions and authorizations.

502 doesn't allow any of that. The idea that a medical marijuana patient is going to be asked to get marijuana through the "legal marijuana system" is criminal at this point because cannabis normally goes for $8 per gram at the medical access points and $40 per gram at the "legal marijuana system" access points.

Patients can not afford this. A lot of patients can not afford the $8 per gram, asking them to stop growing their own, and asking them to pay $40 per gram is just despicable.

Something must be done about Washington's "legal marijuana system" and it's failure to include a free small homegrow for every adult.

One path to a better version of legalization is Real Legalization's petition I-648

There is more than one way to care for a cat, so call your legislature, read Washington Cannabis news, stay informed and communicate with lawmakers.

Print copies of Real Legalization's petition I-648 get signatures and mail them in. Let every adult grow a small marijuana garden with no license.

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Malliekb on Instagram

Malliekb on Instagram took a picture of herself wearing a safer shirt and it has received 99 likes.

I was wondering if posting it on would help it get one more like and get it to 100.

Thank to everyone who wears safer shirts, makes safer shirts, and uploads photos of +Safer Shirts

A photo posted by Jared Allaway (@safershirts) on

Saturday, October 18, 2014

Cannabis Cheri is awesome

Cannabis Cheri has been a big supporter of Safer Shirts for a while now.

She also works with NORML, The Human Solution and many other organizations.

She does amazing work organizing and attending protests/rallies/court support/etc.

She works with prisoners who have been arrested for marijuana and raises awareness regarding these folks their situation, their court dates, how to donate to their books while they are in jail, etc.

UPDATE: Cheri asked me to include a link to an online petition to release marijuana prisoners. Here it is.

She also makes great tie dye shirts! She has tons of amazing recipes for cannabis infused foods!

Here are some photos and some links to help you get better acquainted with this fantastic activist.

Friday, October 17, 2014

Safer Arizona Marijuana is safer with politicians

It looks like Dave Wisniewski is doing more work in Safer Arizona, he got a shirt to someone named
Wise Eagle, Wise Eagle went to the place where politicians hang out and got a photo.

Thank you Dave and Wise Eagle!